Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favors that Rock

Been to a wedding lately where the bride begs you to take 2 or 3 favors before you leave because no one is taking them? Did you "accidentally" leave it behind in the hotel room? (Who wants a bottle of maple syrup exploding in their luggage?)

We're tired of the same-old ideas, so here are some amazing favors that guests will be fighting over at the end of the night.

Lush Cosmetics - Mini Bath Bombs, $3.95 each

Lush's Bath Bombs, those fizzy balls of awesome that you
drop in your tub to fill
your bathroom full of wonderful smells, now come in mini and make the perfect favor! Bombs come in a ton of colors to match your color palate (the one on t
he left is called Honey Bee - guess what it smells like?) Guest doesn't have a bathtub? No problem: Bath Bombs can also be used as decorative air fresheners in the bathroom or "unmentionables" drawer.

Chocolate Animals from Burdick Chocolates, $3.50-$3.75 each

These adorable -- and edible! -- little critters are all handmade in New Hampshire. The mice come in either dark, milk, or
white chocolate, and penguins are dark chocolate and have a lemon ganache filling (warning: both contain nuts!). They even have a
new one that looks like a honeybee (filled with hazelnut forest honey...YUM!).

They have a ton of box and ribbon color combinations, and they allow for a little message on the ribbon. Just be prepared to hear from guests that they're too cute to eat!

Give your guests a Hangover Cure, ~$3.00/each

After a night gettin' down on the dance floor, we like to wake up in the
morning to a giant Bloody Mary. A close number 2 is a giant cup of coffee.

Etsy seller AproposRoasters sells adorable individually portioned bags of coffee that are wrapped in brown paper, hand-stamped, dated, and tied with twine. You can pick between ground and whole beans,
and they'll even create a customized stamp for your event!

Since most hotels come stocked with sub-par brew, your guests will be tearing into this the morning after.

Or Keep the Party Going!

Who doesn't love a free bottle of wine?! For adults only (obviously!), we
found some good deals going on now --

Something a little different from Champagne ...
Prosecco, Mia,
$6.96 bottle at Astor Wine and Spirits

Beujolais are a perfect red for late summer - light and airy and
amazing chilled
Pavillon des Varennes - 2009
$11.96/ bottle at Astor Wine and Spirits

This is the most insane Riesling we've had this year. Really mature fruits, especially notes of sophisticated green apple. If you don't get it as a favor, just get a bottle (or two).
Late Harvest Riesling 2009
Hermann J. Weimer
$23.00/bottle from the winery

Here at East Six, we can create custom labels and tags -- even for wine bottles! -- to add a really special personal touch to your favors.

Hate the idea of a favor? Give a gift to those in need!

There are so many non-profits out there that need help -- why not include your favorite charity during your special day?

Love animals? The ASPCA has a website that makes donating easy. The "I Do Foundation" is a great organization that lets you create a charity registry along with donation favors.

Do you have any amazing favor ideas? Leave us a note in the comments!

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